07 November 2007

The Feminine Critique
First off, this is in the Fashion and Style section. If only I could purse my lips and arch one eyebrow in a manner that would sufficiently convey my confusion and disappointment.

It found that women who act in ways that are consistent with gender stereotypes — defined as focusing “on work relationships” and expressing “concern for other people’s perspectives” — are considered less competent. But if they act in ways that are seen as more “male” — like “act assertively, focus on work task, display ambition” — they are seen as “too tough” and “unfeminine.”

This isn't something I hadn't heard before, but why oh why is this in Fashion and Style? Its a pretty good article about how women are perceived in the workplace, it summarizes some new research about why women still are underrepresented in positions of power. It seems pretty obvious to me, I've seen it a dozen times in the "Tom Boy" narrative, but thats the point of this type of research. Is something that many of us think to be true, true at a statistically significant level? It is, and thats interesting.

But why is this in Fashion and Style? I just can't seem to get past that. Its a good article and its relevant to business, so why is it here?

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