10 January 2008

Classy, Bush, real classy

Bush calls on Israel to end occupation of Palestinian land

Can you tell me when its over?

The US president, George Bush, today called on Israel to end its 41-year occupation of Palestinian land and predicted a peace treaty would be signed by the time he leaves office.

I like to add to that prediction and say that humans will walk on Mars and I'll speak ancient Hindi fluently by the time Bush leaves office. Well, okay thats not really fair. There is a chance that something will be signed, but its going to be about as strong as poorly set jello.

This president has started wars. Thats what the Bush Doctrine is all about, attacking nations before they attack you. And now he's talking about peace? In the Middle East? I think that Jesus guy he prays to said something about this, I think it was something about having a beam in your eye.

So he talks a bit about how he understands how difficult peace will be, and how nice and peace loving all the leaders are, and how we all want peace. He says that a fractured Palestinian state isn't viable, but says it in strangest possible way.

"Swiss cheese isn't going to work."

Yeah, thats a stellar comparison for the leader of our country to be making. Very insightful.

Then he talks about how he understands the frustration of the Palestinian people who have to pass through the check points everyday.

Turning to Israeli checkpoints, he said: "I understand why Palestinians are frustrated driving through checkpoints. I can also understand why the Israelis want a state of security."

He went on to joke that "my motorcade of a mere 45 cars made it through without being stopped."

I'm sure that line is really going to endear him to the Palestinian people.

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