15 June 2008

Dear Public Masturbator

I dunno about you Dad, but mine prefers a beer, Mom's the liquor drinker. I also don't know about your dad, but mine was a hippie skateboarder in the 70's, not a booty chasing booze hound. He still is, but now its bikes. He made pancakes in the morning, played with bikes, and went grocery shopping for the family.

Happy Father's Day.




Public Masturbation said...

I wasn't talking about MY dad :-P

My dad is a wine drinking, tree hugging, happy gardening, hippie.

E.M. said...

What I'm sayin PM, is that the Canadian Club ad isn't classy. It appeals to a nostalgia for the heyday of Playboy when you could smoke indoors, slap secretaries on the ass and the sexual revolution meant more sex. If thats class, count me out.