19 October 2007

How this is going to work.

This blog is just me reading the news and trying to say something interesting about it. Now, my friend over at Public Masturbation says blogging is some sort of intellectual exhibitionism. I don't know how true that is for me, but he's clearly a wanker.

For me this is more of a project in critical thinking and current events. Its not enough to just read the news and absorb the information, you need to know some of the back story. Sometimes this means understanding some of the post-colonial history of countries in Africa, sometimes it means understanding the physiology of a pathogen. Either way, this blog is about keeping my critical thinking skills sharp. Every day is going to have a different topic.

  • Monday: SCIENCE! Something for me to look forward to.
  • Tuesday: Regional, in this case, the American Midwest.
  • Wednesday: National, some other region or something that affects all of the US
  • Thursday: International, hopefully not Iraq all the time.
  • Friday: Health and Medicine
  • Saturday: Inside the Beltway, aka Political Drama/Fluff.
  • Sunday: ?? I'm not sure yet.
I'll update this list once I have a more solid idea about what I want for Sunday and Wednesday.
I'll be starting the regular schedule on Monday, 22 October 2007.
This isn't a personal blog, it wont be about my life much at all. I have a LiveJournal for that.

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