27 October 2007

SCHIP and Timing

House Passes Revised Children's Health Bill, but Timing Irks GOP

But Republican leaders rallied their wavering troops around a new issue, whether the vote should have taken place when much of Southern California was on fire and nine House members were touring the disaster zone. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) insisted she had no choice but to move forward and give the Senate a chance to send the measure to Bush next week.

You know, this is exactly what I mean by Inside the Beltway Drama. Seizing upon the little things like timing to bitch. Really the Republicans would rather spend their time antagonizing other nations than spend money on keeping children healthy or people who lost their houses to the combination of drought due to global warming and arson. Should the California fires have gotten time before this version of SCHIP? Yeah probably, but if the Republicans had just shut up about waisting time and they had all just voted, maybe they could have done both. As someone who has lived (for a couple months) in a co-op, and has been my share of house meetings, sometimes you just have to shut up and vote in order to move on to the next topic.

Busy Saturday so I'm keeping it short.

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