28 February 2008

Slow float to England.

Cocaine galore! £7m of Colombia's finest washes up on Cornish beaches

A while back a shipment of rubber bath toys fell into the ocean and washed up all along the western coast of North America. It was an interesting story of modern shipping and sea currents. Another example has come to light, but the the objects washing up are not rubber ducks, turtles and beavers.

The origin does not take much detective work; some of the packages are marked "Colombia" in faded writing. But how they ended up in the sea remains a puzzle.

The age of the packages, and the presence of warm water-loving barnacles suggests they may be floating all the way across the Atlantic from the Caribbean. One theory is that smugglers dumped the cocaine overboard as they were pursued by American or British anti-drug patrols.

Huge bundles of uncut Columbian cocain are washing up on the shores of England and the English are a little worried about it. Firstly, because each bundle is a huge amount of cocaine and secondly because of its purity. Because it hasn't passed through the usuall layers of dealers, this stuff is dangerous.

Sure the, cocaine is dangerous and finding it on a beach would be an adventure, but the fact that it floated all the way from the Caribean on the Gulf Stream? Thats the really cool part.

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